Power to the People, Power to the Traders!
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    Welcome to the largest variety of Wall Street themed & memed merch for the entire family.

    Wall$treeTees exists to make financial literacy fashionable. We are a fashion forward, yet casual take on something that wasn’t always such a casual topic. Now talks of stocks, trading, investing, cryptocurrency, and ways to increase wealth and income are becoming more of a common talking point.

    If you’re anywhere, from the coffee shop, grocery store, gym or work - you’re likely to hear something about the market and its workings, unless you’re the one doing the talking!

    The market is not just for “the suits'' anymore, or primarily controlled by the “hedgies”. You can take control of your own financial freedom and destiny from the comfort of your couch or the bliss of your bed. Because who’s judging? Certainly not us. Get your tendies however you please and look good doing it in Wall$treeTees, just remember to trade and invest responsibly.